Wednesday, February 27, 2008

and now, the death of the english language

"A candle lights a picture of Ruben Navarro who's death, prosecutors say...." This is from a caption in the NYTimes. Where it will all end, knows god.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

health care (a misnomer when applied to US)

The Times says Bush is about to deny financing for many Medicaid services, thus "saving $15 billion." (The Times says it will be even more, because Schwarznegger says CA will lose $12 billion.) What is he saving this money for? Clearly, it's for tax cuts for the rich. Could it be clearer? Could a journalist ask him this question, so we can all get it, if we don't already? Could the Congress please stop him? Too late to impeach? Ha! And ha again. This government has no shame.

more on US healthcare

The fear of genetic testing, "some experts say" is less evident in countries that provide health care to everyone, the Times says. Forchrissake are there experts who say that's wrong? Since the fear is totally based on whether you'll be able to get health insurance. And the added fear that you won't be able to get a job because your health insurance will be too expensive. I don't think we need an expert to deduce...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

New York Times Attack on PBS--Why?

This morning I sent this letter to the Times:

In "Is PBS Really Necessary, it's nice that Charles McGrath is flacking for public radio, but why does he have to tear down PBS while he's doing it? Mr. McGrath has been hanging out with the elite for too long. Perhaps he's forgotten that PBS is free; all those cable shows cost extra, and surprise! some people can't afford them. Yes, despite its unlikelihood, let's do campaign for more money for public television, more "hand-wringing" (as Mr. McGrath characterizes the one status quo-questioning show on TV--"Now") if possible. I hate to think that this attack is based on a desire to curry favor with various corporate entities. But otherwise I just don't get it.