Wednesday, March 26, 2008

still loosing financial ground, but....

Come on, New York Times, the word is losing not loosing. You could be loosing the dogs of war, maybe, but in the financial ground area, you're losing it. Who could believe the Times could come to this? (And it's not just a typo, because I saw it on the page last night, not just this morning in the e-mail.)

As to the piece about Obama that asks if a Liberal can Unify, you're just perpetuating the lie that that wins elections (somehow)--Americans are not right-wing, as every poll except the one in the voting booth shows again and again--yet you persist in acting/writing as if we were. Maybe we should be ruled by pollsters after all.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shocked, utterly shocked

Obama's minister characterizes the United States as "fundamentally racist" and the government as "corrupt and murderous." Is there anything not true there? Yet Barack has to disavow these comments of course, despite their being true, despite it being a matter of guilt by association, since Barack hasn't said it or anything like it. What a world.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

How much longer?

China Says It Has Secured Tibet's Capital--that's the headline on today's Times--just below a picture of empty streets with some soldiers marching. It recalls Bobby Kennedy and who was it, Tacitus perhaps, "They made a desert and called it peace."

Here at home, Bush continues to make a laughingstock of the office of President (except it's not funny)and Nancy Pelosi continues to make a similar mess of the office of Majority Leader by refusing to Impeach. What is she thinking. Soon we'll be bombing Iran, because of her.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes, it's over

Please, could I know why the Times does not cover the fact that Mukasey is preventing the DC US Attorney from convening a grand jury to enforce the House subpoenas to Miers and Bolton to appear before an investigating committee? The Times no longer apparently believes in consitutional government. What an abyss we have fallen into. Who would have believed, before the 2000 election, that such a sea-change could occur in our once-beloved country? They do seem to be able to cover Elliott Spitzer's pecadilloes just fine, yet as far I can determine, there's no brouhaha over this total travesty of what our government means. These people behave with impunity because we the people, and our representatives, and our press, have given them total freedom to take over. There is literally no check (or balance) on this imperial executive.

I tremble for my country when I reflect that god is just. When were those words more apt?

I am stunned. Over and over again.