Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This works as well as any other theory

I'm thinking that letting the Bush tax cuts die for the rich (not to mention taxing them at an even higher rate) might actually help get the economy moving. I mean these people can live on the interest on their money even when the interest is one percent, but maybe if they have to pay more taxes, they'll be inspired to make risky investments in order to earn more money on their money. I haven't read this anywhere but doesn't it make sense, despite its counter-intuitive (because raising their taxes is supposed to make them stop spending, as lowering their taxes is supposed to make them spend more--all utter nonsense) quality? I mean they're the people who have money to play around with, but no need to bother if they can just sit back and rake it in.

Scanners v. Full-Body Searches

Could this be the spark that re-ignites American outrage? Torture, ok; wiretapping, ho-hum; forced to pay for Insurance CEOs' giant salaries, it was the only way we could get any health insurance; but the government's hands on our bodies? Maybe that will work. I'm hoping if not hopeful.

But I can say this--I sure don't want to fly into or in the US while this is going on. And I fear for my son and his novia on their way to Mexico in February, so hope it's cleared up by then.

Friday, November 5, 2010

This time it's the Washington Post

David Broder, a Post columnist, in the course of suggesting that Obama start a war with Iran as a way of winning his second term (and rescuing us from Depression), mentions the following: "Iran is the greatest threat to the world in the young century." What are these people on? Does it ever occur to them that it's the US that has killed and/or just-old caused the death of maybe millions of people? I mean it's happened before their very eyes. Why don't they get it?