Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Maureen Dowd does a good job deconstructing Obama's horrendous debate failure in "Barry Trails Off" today, but what amazes me is that no one seems to feel betrayed by this man. If I'd given him any of my money in response to the way-more-than daily dunnings that appear in my emailbox, I would certainly feel that way. He's always pleading for money and yet he doesn't deign to fight the spectre of Mitt Romney face-to-face on one of the few occasions when that's allowed. Romney gave him so much material, as everyone has pointed out, yet Obama couldn't be bothered, despite all the little contributions he's so glad to get, to lift a finger. Maybe he was throwing the game. Maybe he doesn't really want to win. Because with an opponent like this, he will certainly only have himself to blame if he loses. A Mormon, a fat cat, a blunderer whose only principle seems to be to change his principles every few days. A man with no plan, a man who lies like breathing.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Times story on possible trade war with Mexico, Over Tomatoes

You're kidding me. Mexican growers have the temerity to think "the Obama administration was trying to placate farmers in an important swing state"? Uh, Florida growers are upset because Mexican tomatoes are so cheap. I dunno, with Walmart on Mexico's side (they might have to raise tomato prices otherwise), who knows which corruption will win out. It certainly won't have anything to do with reason. --

Friday, May 4, 2012

White Plains Grand Jury refuses to indict...

... police officer who shot and killed a man in his own apartment! Can I believe that the district attorney presented a proper case? Absolutely not. How is it possible for police to enter a man's apartment when he doesn't want to let them in, and all because his medical alert button went off by mistake. This is so outrageous that I cannot really believe that even a pussy-whipped collection of toadies could let him go. Is anyone safe inside his/her own apartment at this point? It says the family is going to the federal government. Will they do anything? I sincerely hope so.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Money, after all, IS the root of all evil

I used to laugh at that old saw (the headline) but certainly in our political life, it is all too true. I am so sick of being begged to give money to these millionaire congresspeople (and that's just the Dems). Where do they think I would get all this money? Why didn't they pass single-payer health care; why didn't they pass campaign reform with some teeth; why didn't they stop all these horrifying killings and the degrading of our wonderful Constitution (they did have a majority in both houses when Obama was first elected)? And now they ask me for money--Fuck off is about all I can say. And that's perhaps the most printable of my responses.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Filibuster Scam

Democrats can't enact Buffet Rule because they don't have 60 votes? Give me a break. Is a 60-vote margin ordained in the Constitution? I don't think so. I know that if they wanted to force a filibuster, they could, so why don't they? Maybe because then all those Senatorial fat cats would have to raise their own taxes? Could it be? Otherwise, why not make the Republican filibuster the raising of tax rates on the rich--wouldn't it be good to make them do it--for the election, I mean? Something smells rotten here and I think it's the Democratic leadership.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

On Children's Novels Being Published by their Parents

“What’s next?” asked the novelist Tom Robbins. “Kiddie architects, juvenile dentists, 11-year-old rocket scientists? Any parent who thinks that the crafting of engrossing, meaningful, publishable fiction requires less talent and experience than designing a house, extracting a wisdom tooth, or supervising a lunar probe is, frankly, delusional.”

No, Tom Robbins, what's [immediately] next is a self-financed Presidential candidate. He's old enough, yes, but he has way too much money. If you think Barack Obama is bad, wait for this one: Mitt Romney--sadistic, dishonorable and loony (he just seems sane by contrast with the rest of the Republican field).

And does the press ever mention that this would-be emperor has no clothes? Oh no they just search for stories to put his "beliefs" (as if he had any) in a sane context. We had a Constitution once, remember?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thoughts after SOTU

Let's step back and get serious here. To whom does the world belong? I think it belongs to the people in it. Surely if we looked at it that way, it would be easier. Take the US (please): There's plenty of money for everyone; the problem is, too much of the wealth is concentrated in too few hands. So why not redistribute the money in such a way that everyone has enough to live decently? Why ever not? For those who are hugely rich, I say TS. It just seems so obviously the right thing to do. And as time goes on, little adjustments can be made to make sure everything's really fair.

But I also don't see how Repugs can just openly say they didn't like anything in Obama's SOTU speech (except the killing part--bin laden). When he talks about fairness and regulation--how can they display their greed so openly, and get away with it? I just don't get it. Dems, bad as they are, are so obviously better at governing than Repugs--it boggles the mind.