Friday, January 4, 2008

One old one

This is an example of a letter to the Times that was never published. Of course, as my son said, "I see what you mean, your letters are too pointed to get published." To wit:

Must your writers write as if they were still in high school? "With Katrina Fresh, Bush Moves Briskly," Sheryl Gay Stolberg's piece on the fires in California, largely reads as if everything this administration says is to be taken at face value. I can't believe Ms. Stolberg thinks that, so it must be in the editing. Mitt Romney was a lot more revealing of Republican attitudes when he said in a debate the other night, taking a position against national health insurance, that he wouldn't want the people who made a mess of New Orleans handling our health care. They want government to fail at everything--get it? It's just that when rich white people are in a disaster they move--that's the difference here; not that they've "learned from their mistakes" in New Orleans. Your chart tells it like it is. Your story does not.

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