Monday, May 5, 2008

from the Times story on immigrant deaths in custody

Mr. Bah’s relatives never saw the internal records labeled “proprietary information — not for distribution” by the Corrections Corporation of America, which runs the New Jersey detention center for the federal government. The documents detail how he was treated by guards and government employees: shackled and pinned to the floor of the medical unit as he moaned and vomited, then left in a disciplinary cell for more than 13 hours, despite repeated notations that he was unresponsive and intermittently foaming at the mouth.

What on earth can they be thinking of? I hate corporations and the evil they spawn. Break them up. Destroy them. They are clearly anti-human. They make people behave like monsters and they kill people with utter abandon. It sounds like the country is rotten to the core and doesn't deserve to survive at all. Could Obama possibly win in such a horrid place? Could he do anything? I doubt it. In tears...

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