Friday, January 9, 2009

Out of Lewis Carroll

This is truly Through the Looking Glass--the whole untenable position taken by apologists for Israel--It's the Palestinians' fault; it's Hamas's fault; it's [fill-in-the-blank with anyone but Israeli policy]. So are the dead babies at fault here? Are the dead mothers and fathers and children at fault? I don't think so. Look at it: the death and destruction going on in Gaza is caused by the Israeli military. No one else. Don't look away. Is this what you like supporting? The Jews are killing innocent people by the hundreds. How to stop it? Just stop. Hamas is not killing babies. It's totally within the power of the Israeli government to Just Stop It. No more dead innocents--except those who die because they live in Gaza--but Israel can stop that too by allowing more supplies in. I am overcome with the horror of it all.


lead_dog_running said...

Rice talking on the subject was quite weird. She seemed to use a Jerry Springer style logic of well would we stand for rockets, no. It is good she can at least master a simple concept like that.

I guess though, somehow, with all those over 700 dead they can't seem to find the ones with the rockets. I wonder is that who they are looking for?

It sort of reminds me of that other war going on that seems to have been swept under the rug since the Obama fever started. I am still kind of shocked that he the anti-0war candidate now will only reduce the troops albeit by 2/3. I am also not looking forward to his surge of Afghanistan. Perhaps China will reconsider loaning us money if he does that but I wouldn't count on it? Actionable intelligence in Pakistan? Haven't we gotten to the point where we are bored of killing muslims? How about French Polynesia? The French shouldn't mind they are only 11.9% French?

lead_dog_running said...

This just off the AP: "Israel will stop only when it succeeds in ending rocket fire from the Hamas-ruled territory, the government said."

Well my theory must have been wrong, they are after the rockets. I just get so easily confused.

Oh, and the death toll is now up to 780 palestinians and 13 Israelis (although I heard that at least 4 were friendly fire incidents) and 2 aid workers: 1 red cross and 1 UN.

The aid groups are not working now but waiting for Israeli assurances that they'd be better protected.
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