Monday, April 20, 2009

On teabag protests from Hullabaloo

Nevermind that the entire teabag protest was less than 10% of the number of Americans who protested the Bush/Iraq war in February of '03. Nevermind that Stephanopolous, if not others, covered the international protests in '03 but deliberately ignored the huge domestic rallies. Nevermind that there was no followup from the mainstream media of any kind on these protests except to systematically minimize the number of attendees until they shrank to what Bush described as a few guys from Berkeley. While the lunatic, hapless, teabaggers are significant, the far larger segment of the American people who opposed Bushism when it mattered (and whose opposition was intelligent and prescient) were invisible. And still are, for the most part, when it comes to the mainstream media.

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Nick said...

I think journalism-wise the tea baggers are comic relief.

Does anyone know what they stand for: anti-Obama, white supremacy (based on signs at Huff), anti-choice; (policy-wise) anti-green energy, anti-education, pro-greed based healthcare.

Tea-baggers don't seem to be against the bank bail out and I guess that is in part because Forbes's and Dick Armey's (and other's) grassroots organizing group provided logistical ground support for the actions.

The illegal Iraq war has killed over a million people (official UN count). The Times said, "Why has torture long been singled out for special condemnation in the law of war, when war brings death and suffering on a scale that dwarfs the torture chamber?" Perhaps if they reported on it more, it would be more relevant to people!?!

How common is news from these locales:
120 a month in Sudan killed. (
140 a month in Tibet killed.(New York Review of Books)

1. Commentators of commentators should all die or go back to 3rd grade and learn how to focus on what they are doing instead of smearing lies.

2. News people should rethink their role as entertainment-pacification or frenzy-whippers based on their corporate ownership's needs.

3. Journalists should investigate the heck out of everything and tell us what is happening, how it relates to us and not editorialize.

What an optimist I am to even think this way, it is possible.