Tuesday, August 25, 2009

O NY Times you do make me mad!

"Bioethicist Becomes a Lightning Rod for Criticism
Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, President Obama's special health
care adviser, has come to personify the most intense
attacks on the president's plan."

No he does NOT personify the attacks; he personifies the complaints. If he personified the attacks, he would be an attacker.

And how about today's story about "the respectful questioners
like Bob Collier -- those expressing discomfiting fears and
legitimate concerns -- may have the most impact" on the health care debate. This is a man who fears his wife might have to wait in line for care if everyone had health care. This is a legitimate concern? Please. He thinks only his wife deserves care, no one else (apparently). The whole issue is so revolting. Where is Obama? On the Vineyard, cavorting with the stars, all of whom presumably have no health care problems.

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