Saturday, September 19, 2009

No one fought the madness

It's important to remember that Democrats and centrists and even "reasonable people" (especially if they're in the press) bear at least half of the responsibility for this hideous political climate we are mired in. The Repugs attack; the Dems fall back instead of fighting back. It's come to this: A poster with Obama in full witch-doctor gear, touting Obamacare. Racist, yes. But would they have been gentler with Hillary if she'd won? No, they would have attacked just as viciously (they certainly have in the past) but in other terms--harridan, dyke, murderess, whatever.... These people have been getting away with this monstrous behavior at least since Bill Clinton's presidency. It's become not just a part of who they are, it is all that they are. And yet they're still treated as a functioning political party and ideology in the press, on TV, in the halls of Congress, even in the White House. It's gotten so bad it's hard to even read the news, let alone react. I admire those who go on fighting, but I'm finding it hard to be at all involved. I thought when Obama was elected we'd be safe from this depravity. But it just gets worse and worse.

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