Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brief Moments of Happiness

I've decided to appreciate those more. My pets, for instance, give me a lot of those, and I have such a good time as a result, in the idle moments that most of my life consists of. Brief Moments Of Happiness, especially when several of them occur in succession, is probably the high point that one can expect at this stage of life, when the Pervasive Glow Of Bliss is somewhat absent (but not in the least forgotten). Almost entirely absent, actually, although I've had, I think, even more than my share of the PGOB in my lifetime. Now, though, I really must remember to savor those BMOH--when consciously felt and remembered and enjoyed, they virtually add up to that old PGOB. That's the joy of it all.

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Sondra said...

You have your pets and I have my hummingbirds. I never would have dreamed that they could give me such pleasure. I watch them everyday and would miss them terribly if they weren't there!