Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh Joe!

"Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, the independent from Connecticut, suggested legislation that would strip Americans of their citizenship — and the constitutional rights that come with that — if they become involved in terrorism. Speaking on Fox, Mr. Lieberman noted that existing law stripped citizenship from Americans fighting for enemy militaries." (from the Times)

But Joe, you're forgetting we live in the US under the US Constitution, which I believe includes a little matter of innocent until proven guilty. Had you heard of that, dear Senator Lieberman? Or do you admire the Israeli government, which ignores decisions of its Supreme Court, when it suits it? Maybe you don't want to live in, let alone legislate, in the US. Your attitude seems totally at odds with our system of government, the one our soldiers supposedly are dying for right now. "Become involved in terrorism," how would you prove that? Or is it just on the basis of what the police decide, no proof needed. What a stunning remark, Joey baby. Even Glenn Beck, according to the Times, knows better.

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