Saturday, July 31, 2010

Who do they write for?

"Nervous about Social Security? Better Prepare Now" is the headline of a piece in today's Times (7/31/10)--yet another thoughtless, let 'em eat cake article on subjects like this in that paper. The advice the writer gives amounts to: Eat less caviar now, drive something less than a Mercedes, winter may be coming. Does it occur to anyone at the Times that there are families, yes, whole families, that are barely making it, that can barely put food on the table? If they are employed at all, they're lucky, and if they are, they're, perforce, contributing to social security, which is all they'll get and all they can hope to get when they retire. Do the editors read their own newspaper? People are hurting, and people of modest means make up most of the population, even in New York City. Remember, the US is among the three countries with the widest income gap--one percent of the population owns about 95 percent of the wealth. I know the Times has reported on this. How can they be so crass and callous? Beats me.

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