Monday, February 7, 2011

Beaches! Ceviches! Coctels! Margaritas!

Here I am, departing from my usual slathering politicism, to praise beaches and ceviches and the like, which right now are all we know and all we need to know. The wonders of a week at the beach--pulpo, tuna, gorditas, steep steps down to the beautiful sand (no steep steps up because... there's Anado and Richard with the car! The market in Zihaut filled with beautiful fishes--the best is at Rosita's--tuna at $7 a kilo (mas o menos), shrimp shelled right there before your eyes, resulting in Richard's lovely fish stew with coconut milk, followed (in a day) by Hane's Korean pancakes and many other goodies. The food at Amuleto (where we ate twice) just like the food described by Adam Gopnik in the New Yorker--sweet and sour layered together in a most inventive way. Days on the beach in Troncones, drinks at Precious Moment, tacos at Doña Nica, secret topes, the lot.

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