Sunday, March 13, 2011

According to the Times (3/13)...

"The Environmental Protection Agency says that everyone in the United States is exposed to very small amounts of cesium-137 in soil and water because of atmospheric fallout from the nuclear detonations of the cold war."

Remember those? We've all been lulled into such ridiculous complacency that we actually build nuclear plants--on purpose--"for peaceful uses." Fool me once, shame on you; fool me countless numbers of time, over and over in the most outrageous ways, not only shame on me--also total vulnerability and insanity. I feel like Cunegonde, not to mention Candide. Voltaire knew it all. The government, the nuclear agencies, the scientists (presumably in the pay of certain industrialists)--all Dr. Pangloss. And all totally successful at pulling the wool over our eyes again and again.

First you kill and sicken millions in Japan, where the first nuclear bombs are dropped, and THEN THEY AGREE TO HAVE NUCLEAR PLANTS IN THEIR MIDST? It's just really hard to believe how idiotic human beings can be.

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