Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coverage of Occupy Wall Street

Well, the Times does cover the protest, in its own little way. It interviews the neighbors, it tells about how the police have arrested protestors for, apparently, no reason at all, but why doesn't it interview politicians to see how (or if) the protests are affecting them. Certain questions seem obvious, "You've seen the polls, [senator, representative, legislator, whoever]--there a lot of support for these protests and people seem to agree with the protestors on a lot of issues. How do you react to that?" It's a beginning. No, the press would prefer to bully the protestors about the absence of clear demands. Well, they've made no secret of what they think is wrong. You can find their original statement on the internet. And doesn't the very name of the protests give you a hint? We are the 99 percent and we'd like some answers. But nobody is giving them.

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