Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thoughts after SOTU

Let's step back and get serious here. To whom does the world belong? I think it belongs to the people in it. Surely if we looked at it that way, it would be easier. Take the US (please): There's plenty of money for everyone; the problem is, too much of the wealth is concentrated in too few hands. So why not redistribute the money in such a way that everyone has enough to live decently? Why ever not? For those who are hugely rich, I say TS. It just seems so obviously the right thing to do. And as time goes on, little adjustments can be made to make sure everything's really fair.

But I also don't see how Repugs can just openly say they didn't like anything in Obama's SOTU speech (except the killing part--bin laden). When he talks about fairness and regulation--how can they display their greed so openly, and get away with it? I just don't get it. Dems, bad as they are, are so obviously better at governing than Repugs--it boggles the mind.

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