Sunday, April 29, 2012

Money, after all, IS the root of all evil

I used to laugh at that old saw (the headline) but certainly in our political life, it is all too true. I am so sick of being begged to give money to these millionaire congresspeople (and that's just the Dems). Where do they think I would get all this money? Why didn't they pass single-payer health care; why didn't they pass campaign reform with some teeth; why didn't they stop all these horrifying killings and the degrading of our wonderful Constitution (they did have a majority in both houses when Obama was first elected)? And now they ask me for money--Fuck off is about all I can say. And that's perhaps the most printable of my responses.

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Nick's Test Ground said...

The pursuit of money can take the unethical down a dark path. Most easily if they are not concerned by the result of their actions.