Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Maureen Dowd does a good job deconstructing Obama's horrendous debate failure in "Barry Trails Off" today, but what amazes me is that no one seems to feel betrayed by this man. If I'd given him any of my money in response to the way-more-than daily dunnings that appear in my emailbox, I would certainly feel that way. He's always pleading for money and yet he doesn't deign to fight the spectre of Mitt Romney face-to-face on one of the few occasions when that's allowed. Romney gave him so much material, as everyone has pointed out, yet Obama couldn't be bothered, despite all the little contributions he's so glad to get, to lift a finger. Maybe he was throwing the game. Maybe he doesn't really want to win. Because with an opponent like this, he will certainly only have himself to blame if he loses. A Mormon, a fat cat, a blunderer whose only principle seems to be to change his principles every few days. A man with no plan, a man who lies like breathing.

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