Monday, June 3, 2013

Republicans and Other Thugs

What is wrong with these people? I refer not only to Congresspeople who voted against food stamps (28 of them Democrats), but also to the latest attacks on Disability (SSI and SSDI I think is what it's called). So-called "journalists"--Kristoff apparently was the first, then the others joined in--Klein and others, especially NPR--talking as if Disability were just a scam. These people don't have any idea of what they're talking about, they just blather on and ON. First of all, it's very hard to get on Disability; second of all, you can't just get a job instead, since the whole problem is you cannot work, thirdly, it's very little money and hardly a scam. This whole culture, talking about the people who don't pay taxes, don't have "any skin in the game." As Jon Stewart said, all they have left is skin. Work doesn't pay enough to live on in our country. Don't they get it? Like the people on Fox News, deploring women working. One salary doesn't support a family anymore, guys, get a clue. They won't be satisfied until we're all serfs--that's clear. Just watched Park Avenue, Independent Lens, PBS. It's so outrageous, one can only feel that the US citizens are total idiots, which is just what the rich want. Maybe it hasn't quite happened, but they're determined to make it the rule. I don't know who they think their consumers will be when no one has any money but them. I think they'll be sorry, actually. But it will take a long time to turn things around.

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