Friday, September 27, 2013

Matt Tiaibbi in September Roling Stone on the vicious, cruel looting of state workers' pensions

Kee-rist! This makes me want to die sooner rather than later. How can a Democracy survive such evil? I don't think it can. But I'm also thinking reading stuff like this has a definite masochistic element. Actually, I'm still reeling from the news that google and Facebook have joined ALEC. And then I think how can I be a party to this (which I am--see email address etc.)? And then I look at the members of ALEC and I realize one would need to live off the grid to avoid them. Carrier pigeons, as my son said. Maybe EarthLink is guilt-free. Is it? Maybe I'm just too sensitive to it all. Maybe I should just give it a rest. Anyone have any ideas?

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Nick's Test Ground said...

All we can do is not be scared and put oir names on the list of carin logic. If i am going to go out that is the way I'll do it. We must consider alternative technologies if the ones we're using no longer functoon well in our inyerests as our tools they become obsolete.