Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I am so appalled by Israel's murderous attack on Gaza, just ending now apparently. It seems so obvious to me that Israel wants simply to get rid of the Arabs, views them as less than human (much as I hate these comparisons, I'm afraid that was the way the Nazis viewed the Jews). They do all they can to ruin the Arabs's lives, short of just gunning them down, except in what they call war. To expect a people to live for years under occupation and then to be shocked by an intifada? Give me a break. They want ethnic cleansing, but they are not quite arrogant enough to announce that to the world. Just make their lives so horrible that they will leave (although sometimes they can't even if they want to, but I guess the Israeli government enjoys watching their dilemma--it sure does seem that way. I fear the government has also brutalized its people--Jews are not well-known for behaving this way. All this schadenfreude. I wouldn't have expected it.

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