Thursday, September 25, 2014

My response to a friend who sent me a blog that featured a letter by a learned Middle East scholar who seems to like Israel, or at least writes a screed (it seems to me based on nothing but pilpul) in its favor (and against using the words apartheid or nazi in speaking about the country of Israel):

I'm afraid I can't quite read all of this letter, viewing it, as I do, as Israeli propaganda. I too deplore the loose use of the term Nazi, but one cannot blame the world for seeing certain parallels in feeling tone, if not in detail. I am pretty much convinced at this point, that Jews should NOT have a country, and why wouldn't I be, since I've been brought up to believe in the SEPARATION of church and state, as we all have. In fact, I guess you could say that all this is just one more last lingering horrible effect of the Holocaust--making the Jews fulfill the worst thoughts of the ant-Semites.

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