Thursday, October 2, 2014

Your pages are full of Ebola coverage, but to my mind, you're not covering the real question: given our much-vaunted healthcare system, how is it possible that this hospital in Dallas sent the Ebola patient home, even after he told them he'd just come from West Africa? It boggles the mind, and also recalls Rick Perry's lapse in the presidential debates, except the hospital only had to remember ONE thing: West Africa is where there's an Ebola epidemic. Oh maybe a second thing, too: Ebola is a grave, contagious illness that can kill people, innocent people. Is this an example of how our splendid health system works?

Maybe, just maybe we need to stop spending money on war and spend it on education and other human services. If ANYONE in that hospital knew the prospective patient had just come from West Africa and didn't know that he should stay in the hospital, under quarantine, there's something very very wrong with that hospital, our system, the entire country.

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