Thursday, July 23, 2015

The police just have to be stopped. They seem to kill another Black person every day. I suppose they've always done it and we just haven't known until now. And it seems as if it's the police all over the country--New York City (Staten Island), Missouri, Ohio, Texas--doing it, and they get away with it everywhere. What is this? Changing lanes without the right signal lands a woman in jail for three days and she ends up killing herself (if she did). Come on! This is intolerable. I've changed lanes without signaling hundreds of times plus, look at the video and you see what was happening. Also, I cannot bear hearing people like Dan Lemon (if that's his name) on CNN saying you must obey what cops tell you to do--please do we live in a democracy or not? I don't believe you can't talk back to public servants (which the police are) without being killed. Weren't we all taught, We pay their salaries? I was. This is effing outrageous. Something must be done, and if it requires shutting down the whole system, so be it. Yes, Black Lives Matter. And they better matter to everyone or it's the end of everything the U.S. has ever stood for (well, since the Civil War). The meaning of Democracy--every human being deserves respect, decency,  a vote and someone decent to vote for! Bernie Bernie Bernie! (Does everyone know he endorsed Jesse Jackson in Vermont's presidential primary in the 80s?)

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