Sunday, April 27, 2008

The "Justice" Department

The Times says the justice department (so 1984) has sent letters to Congress explaining its policy on torture (shut up, he explained). In some cases, it turns out, they can do it. No point in discussing how that could possibly be--it just is. As my friend Susan said last night, "It's all over." They've accrued so much power (and been allowed to get away with it) that "justice" is what they say it is, torture is what they say it is, and reality is what they say it is. We're allowed to talk among ourselves but the beat goes on and it's their world,not Jefferson's, that we're living in. Well, here in Mexico, maybe not, but there in the US they are. It's gone further than anyone will admit, because then it would be clear that they're just good Germans.

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