Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's really going on

Frank Rich and all the rest of them write their little columns about how the primaries are going, making some good points certainly, but my question is, what's really going on? Is it possible that the Repugs, having grabbed so much power, having pretty much made the Constitution a dead letter in the last 8 years, will just let it all go away? Is it possible for Dems to win under any circumstances and if they do, will they be able to change anything back? Won't the Repugs (and the corporate world of course--pretty much one and the same) either find a way to steal the election or find a way (not so hard, apparently) to buy, steal, or intimidate any Democratic winner into supporting the status quo, as they have created it? I do have some hope that Obama would try but won't they just take him out if he looks like being successful? I mean this is the real world, not some fairyland of children's stories where the good guys win. This is 21st century America. I think, I really think, it's over.

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