Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Health Industry

Why in god's name we the people of the United States should be forced to continue supporting the health insurance companies and their stockholders, I do not understand. How can they expect that? Capitalism, fine (I guess), but this monumental greed is not supportable. Life and death issues should not be subject to the profit motive. But another story in the Times inspires me to wonder, why can't people just kill themselves when they get very old and sick? Their aging children absolutely ruin their own lives taking care of their parents, whose lives are not exactly fun either. Maybe there should be some public option for people like this but I'm betting a lot of them wouldn't go to a nursing home of any kind anyway. I do understand this death option would have to be a bit sub rosa, but couldn't it be made a little bit easier? I know no one wants to talk about it publicly, but we all talk about it privately all the time, it seems to me, after we reach un certain age, no?

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