Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is Bill Maher also an idiot?

How disappointing. Bill Maher's new rule is all about how we should pit the young against the old, because the old get so much from the government; children almost nothing! Hello. What about the military. I'm quite willing to bet they get a helluva lot more than any age group per se. And I know that congresspersons get a lot more money than I do. Plus, we oldsters supposedly paid in advance for all of this--there was social security insurance and medicare insurance as I recall, taken out of my check when I was working. Oh fuck you Bill Maher. You do not know what you're talking about.


Nick's Test Ground said...

he is an ass who doesn't stand for what he seems to say because oh well he is just a pot head.

because he is such a pot head he cant concentrate long enough to see the big picture. also in general he is dumbing progressives down to being liberals.iberals being the word that sounds like communist. also i never liked it. it sounds like putting a lot of butter on bread.

back to the point he is being a divider now, rat bastard.

Carolina said...

Nick, thanks for your comment. I love it.