Saturday, April 26, 2014

Could someone just tell Cliven Bundy that slavery was not as great as he thinks? I find it infuriating that nobody ever deals with the facts. No, Mr. Bundy, they didn't have their families together. One could be sold off all by him or herself, because they were just simply property. Get it? Human beings but property to be bought and sold. So there was nothing good about it--or as you would say, there wasn't nothing good about it (that seems to be your vernacular). How do you think you'd like that, Cliven? Not so good, huh? Even with "gardens, chickens." This was not a case of getting away for decades without paying proper fees to the effing government whose flag you carry on your effing horse. This was a case of the person being taken away any old time against his or her will, for effing profit. Hello-o

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Nick's Test Ground said...

i didn't know he was bad in that way too, oi.