Saturday, August 16, 2008

button button who's got the button?

A friend just forwarded a moveon offer for a free Obama button to me. And I realized that I just couldn't quite wear it. It just brings home the extent of my disillusionment with the whole process, brought about at bottom by his vote for the FISA bill. Yes, I want him to win. I do think it's probably desparately important for the country and the world that McCain not be President. But I just don't trust Obama and his hedge-fund friends any more. Too much money. Too much entitlement. Too much impunity. Accused of being a cynic in the past and resenting it, I'm afraid now I am one, about US politics anyway.

Nevertheless, it's an absolutely beautiful day here in el pais de dios and it's hard to be too discontented when you've just eaten a wonderful comida of pollo, papas and rajas at your cousin's casa, and come home to your own little casa and your own little jardin and of course your own little mascotas.

Long live old age sud al borde!

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Melinda said...

I just discovered your blog and really love your passionate writing and perspective. I am so frustrated with tv/news that I rarely turn it on anymore. However, I wait all week to watch Bill Moyers' Journal. This Friday's guest was particularly insightful if not terribly optimistic. At least he has a brain and a heart similar to Mr. Moyers'. You can see it here , Bill Moyers Journal
There are so many disillusioned americans! I wish we could all get together and start a new country!