Sunday, August 17, 2008

it doesn't look like pandering....

Both candidates at a church forum last night. Kind of a horrible idea in the first place, I thought. The (I was going to say warden) minister didn't seem bad but his church apparently is anti-choice (thunderous applaude for McCain when he said something like "I am pro-life, always have been, always will be." What life is he talking about, I asked myself, as always.

Obama, who did make it clear he was pro-choice, didn't go into enough detail. Why can't he talk about women's rights? The minister asked when a "baby's" human rights begin; what about a woman's human rights? If she's to have them then a "baby's" rights can't start until it's viable, surely, since until then it isn't a separate organism. Why can't politicians like Obama get that? Or if they get it (obviously he's one who gets it all), why don't they talk about it.

Your definition of marriage, senator? Obama said it was a contract (or something) between "a man and a woman." (although he did clarify that he was for civil unions.) Oh Gosh. Get over it. Why not have marriage be just between two people, whatever their gender? These things, even when they appear to be a bit thoughtful like this one, only foster stupid answers. They call it a conversation. If it were, they'd talk about it for awhile. This was just Q and A, over and over. And still two legs bad, four legs good, just slightly dressed up.

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