Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Susan Faludi: Yes but...

Today in The Times, in her op-ed, Faludi gives the history that somewhat explains why Hillary supporters are apparently so insanely unreconstructed by the Obama concept that some would actually vote for McCain. It's all true, so sad and so disappointing. Nevertheless, we live in the real world, where Hillary was not a perfect candidate and even many feminists (yes, even those who admit to the title) were vehemently against her. Grow up, women. Unless you prefer the old Marxist (?) solution of making everything worse and worse in order to force a revolution (it ain't gonna happen in the US) you simply cannot vote for McCain. However flawed, however male, however establishment (but not more than Hillary certainly) Barack is, he will be way way better than the XPOW. You know that. The XPOW could well be even worse than what we have now. Please, this is no time for sticking to feminist principle (or, probably, any other). Just go for Barack!

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