Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who would have thought--John McCain?!?

Here's this near-senile old warrior without a thought left in his head, one would think, who manages to make a total mockery of the entire American political process in one bold stroke. He might as well have brought out a fish, fagodsakes. Ladies and gentlemen, he could say, this is a girl fish (that's for the feminists), and for the evangelicals: she's a creationist, she's pro-life, she's to the right of Bush on drilling; why, she even asked him to stop protecting polar bears, which are a lot closer to her own species than to ours (in that they're wild).

Vote for me and if I die (not exactly unlikely) in office you get a fish who's been tested by a year and a half of governing Alaska, a total loose cannon, to be President of the United States, with her finger (or, uh, flipper) on the button. Not only a mockery of the US system--how about the world's? Take that, Muslims, take that, Old Europe--this is what we think--a fish could run this world. Who needs all your elder statesmen and women? What are all your experience and all your brains and all your culture worth? Zilch if a fish can do the same.

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