Monday, September 1, 2008

Amy Goodman Arrested!

And not a word in the Times so far (a few hours). I mean she is a fellow journalist, fagodsake. Do they just intend to let the police state take over? I saw it on video. She was talking to the cops--I guess they didn't like that, didn't like her asking for information on the two Democracy Now producers whom they had detained. They bent her arm behind her, roughly. They cuffed her. They put her on the bus. And so far no word as to what has happened since. If a journalist of 20 years isn't protected from arrest, who is? No one, clearly. This is what the US has come to. And I'm sure all this does discourage other protestors, no matter how brave they try to sound. I sure wouldn't want to get involved in a protest now. Nazis. Horrible.

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