Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Little Man Who Isn't All There

Hmmm, I wonder why John McCain wants to "postpone" the debate. Could it be he (and/or his staff) knows how sick he'll look next to Barack (and not just because of that white pallor)? Or could it be because he can't deal with two things at once (the bailout and the debate; chewing gum and walking down the street at the same time)?

It gets harder and harder to see how anyone could want this man to be president of the United States. And it seems logical that after they appear head-to-head, it will be almost impossible for anyone other than hard-core Repugs and those who are pretty much comatose. These people (his backers) are desperate; they know their candidate is almost literally on his last legs and they know that people are beginning to realize who he's chosen to back him up. Ugh.

Barack, go there and face an empty chair if necessary--that's my advice, and this blog is the only way I have to impart it.

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