Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's like living in a nightmare

I come home from a searing, painful, moving film (El Violin) about restive peasants in a mountain campo beseiged by government troops who are there to put down their rebellion (in a country much like Mexico) in the cruelest possible way, thinking among other things how lucky we all are never to have experienced such hardship and such insanity. I turn on the TV to try to watch Sarah Palin, v.p. nominee of the Repug Party. As quickly I turn it off. I try a few more times but watching her makes me almost physically sick. This whining bimbo twit--the mockery continues. I see a horrifying future--they could actually be elected. Why not? We know now that anything is possible. I realize now that if it's true, as I've said, that in modern times each president is worse than the last, she is one of the few possible next steps. They could be elected and she could be president of the United States. This is what we've come to. My blood runs cold. My advice to my son? Nicholas, learn Spanish!

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