Monday, September 22, 2008

Fleecing America

So now Wall Street is daring America not to bail it out. The market is down 375 points--I can see them sitting around saying to one another, "We'll just sell sell sell and scare them even further out of their wits until they give us a no-holds-barred bailout. Here we have a new Selling of America--it's an improvement in that we aren't killing anyone, as in Iraq--no, this time we're just destroying dreams and lives through foreclosure and unemployment and credit card debt--selling our souls for an uptick in the Dow-Jones. $700 billion--what would that buy in infrastructure, in education, in health care--somehow we find the money for this (and way more, I'm sure, in the end) and for the endless, grueling, cruel war but not for the great mass of people and their needs.

And just a blank check, no review by judges or congress or anyone, no equity for the people,no limit on CEOs--just shower Paulsen (whose own coffers are already swollen with his own ill-gotten gains from his recent stints on Wall Street) with money and through him the worst, the greediest robber barons in this greedy, out-of-control, stupid ignorant country--more more more for them. Please for the, what, 102nd time, Democrats--grow a spine. This cannot be allowed to happen.

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