Monday, September 15, 2008

I keep thinking...

Americans are in such incredible denial. All these "funny" e-mails about Palin, etc. I can't laugh. But those of us--white, upper middle class,well-educated, liberal (well, limousine liberals really), seldom denied anything, almost always entitled to everything--of whom I'm speaking, are even more in denial than those others, whom we hardly know and who we accuse of being stupid and unable to see what's best for them, some may be in a lot less denial than we are. I keep thinking really of a Black woman at the post office window in NYC shortly after the Iraq War began. Her son was in the Army, and when I mentioned how awful and wrong Bush was, she replied, "Yes, but it's his world, and we've got to live in it."

I think this is all making me rather inarticulate but I'm sure you get it. Obama, please win, so I can think clearly again!

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